Weight Loss:

Food Intolerance Testing and Weight Loss.

 I used to be very heavy.  My weight ballooned after pregnancy and kept climbing. I tried every diet going and was totally miserable – sounds familiar? It got to the stage I couldn’t bear to see my self in the mirror.

Through extensive research I found out why my body was finding it so difficult to shed those unwanted pounds.  I am now 25 kgs lighter and enjoying life and my new wardrobe – Sabina Jennings

  • What I am testing for?
  • Foods that are inflammatory  – inflammatory foods affect weight loss
  • Foods that slow the metabolism.
  • Is the metabolism already sluggish and if so why?
  • Foods that the body is sensitive or intolerant to – this will impact on weight issues.
  • Pancreatic enzyme deficiency – therefore the body finds processing protein and starches difficult
  • Is the body lacking certain minerals or vitamins
  • Can probiotics help with the weight loss – if so  – which ones
  • Can prebiotics help with digestion?
  • Which herbs are most suitable to support the liver.