Detoxing for 2018

How to Detox the Simple Way

1. Stop the Triggers of Inflammation-

Whilst on your detox programme, be aware of the quality of food that you eat.  It should be of the highest quality and organic where possible.  You don’t have to eat endless raw food dishes: many people that I see in clinic find raw food difficult to digest. The vegetables should be lightly cooked so that they have a slight crunch to them and try to incorporate good quality oils, herbs, and lots spices into your cooking. Vary your diet and eat in season. Vegetables should be plentiful on the plate with meat and fish in moderate proportions.

2. Carbohydrates –

Keep the carbohydrates to a minimum, which includes bread, pasta, pizza, potatoes, so anything made with flour – white or brown flour of any grain type, not just wheat.

3. Juicing – 

Juicing with a macerating juicer is a fabulous aid to detoxing. Why a macerating juicer? The slow action of the juicer doesn’t destroy the crucial enzymes found within the vegetables. These enzymes support the entire digestive process of the body and can be lost with the high speed juicers. The picture is an example of a macerating juicer.

4. Exercise –

Exercise is vital for the body. Rolling exercises such as walking, rowing, cycling, lane swimming (note to avoid a chlorinated pool and select ozone pools which are much better).
Try to leave your head sets at home. Just simple walking and being in the moment: no chatting – this is a quiet time. Exercise can be the equivalent of a meditation if the mind is encouraged to quieten down from the chatter.

always check with your doctor that it prior to taking up an exercise programme

5. Water – 

Drink non fluoridated water. If you don’t like cold water, try water that has been boiled and allowed to slightly cool so that you have a refreshing warm drink.

6. Herb teas –

The ability of herbal teas to support the body in detoxification is so often over looked.  Many herbs can be beneficial to the liver, the intestinal tract, kidney, and skin. So find out from our clinic which herbs are going to support your body.

7. Vitamins and Minerals –

Support the body with the correct minerals and supplements. We all have a habit of just buying a vitamin that we think is going to be beneficial, but is it?

We test for the herbs, supplements and vitamins that are beneficial to your body during your detoxing programme.

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